Month: July 2017

To what extent does the metagame police itself?

“In the beginning … Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep” Oh no, it’s just Old Wormwoods feat turn. For those who read my last article I took us back to the dark days of Body and Soul, today I will be touching more generally on the metagame. For those of […]

Tom’s How to Paint: Battle Damage

Hey, let’s start with an introduction – I’m Tom, and I like painting. I’m by no means an expert, but I am an enthusiast. I paint things relatively quickly, to play with, and hopefully in these articles I can show you some of the thought-processes and techniques I use to make my models pop on […]

Winter is Coming

So as a solely Trollblood player I was very excited by the release and development of the Northkin Community Integrated Development (CID) cycle currently being run by PP. I’ve felt that the advent of mark 3 hasn’t been as kind to Trolls as some of the other (mostly warmachine) factions. Privateer Press acknowledge this to […]

Dr_Norbert’s Guide to Fast Painted Models

By Norbert Brunhuber, aka Dr_Norbert Iron Moot and the WTC are on hand and that means the pressure is on to get fully painted!  Here you can see what I’m up against: This is the method I’ve developed to try and get decent tabletop-standing paint jobs on my miniatures in as quick a time as […]

Scenario is dead, long live scenario

  Hello, my name is Ben and I play across Cross, Dark Sphere and RAW among other clubs. On fora, I’m likely to be writing under Pentagon, or the ‘Real Pentagon’ if some imposter had already taken it… I would like to take this opportunity to consider victory conditions, and SR17. I have spoken to […]

Who’s the Alpha?

Who’s the Alpha, part 1 Something that I’ve wanted to write about for a while is threat ranges. A topic that I think is relevant and useful to newer players and the more experienced equally. What do I mean by “Who’s the Alpha?”. What I try to do when I’m approaching a game, from list […]

Butcher’s Backyard BBQ Battle Reports

By Norbert Brunhuber, aka, Dr_Norbert They don’t come around very often, but we had an amazing sunny and warm weekend here in London and luckily enough, one of the Cross Gaming Club‘s members, Toby Nathan, had some of us over for a backyard BBQ.  Toby’s got a sweet garden area and enough table space for […]

The Cross Goes to the ETC 2017

By:  Norbert Brunhuber, aka Dr_Norbert The Cross Gaming Club put together a team of 5 players to travel out to the ETC, aka, the European Team Championship.  This event has been on the calendar for the past 5 years or so and has evolved over that time.  In the past few years, including this one, […]