Month: August 2017

Tom’s How to Paint: Glow Effects

Hey guys, back again! Hopefully people enjoyed the last one (here) – people in the club chat certainly seemed to. So much so that they started getting ideas above their station and making requests… So this one is going out for Toby, who can’t make things glow. Object Source Lighting (or OSL) can be pretty […]

Relight my Fire: Fire Eaters

So, this week I wanted to have a little talk about the great little package that is both flexible and powerful; Fire Eaters were released in Mk2 and saw a lot of play initially. However, in the recent transition to Mk3 and the prevalence of theme forces in many people eyes the cost to field […]

The Cross Gaming Club has a new home! Plus a Khador battle report

By Norbert Brunhuber, aka Dr_Norbert Welcome to the new home of the Cross Gaming Club – the Horse & Stables pub!  Conveniently located right next to the Lambeth North Tube station, or just a 10 minute walk from Waterloo, we are grateful to have found another home for our club right in the heart of […]

When the going gets Tough: Trollkin Champions

I come to write this in eager anticipation of the latest CID changes coming online and tournament legal. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the community integrated development program, Privateer Press has adopted a new approach to play-testing new models and reviewing old ones. In the latest cycle, the new Trollkin Northkin models […]