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Forum Guidelines
Forum Guidelines

Below are some guidelines to posting on the Cross Gaming Forums. Please read through them and adhere to them. As a general guideline, please take a few seconds before posting anything potentially offensive/divisive, and think: "if I was a new member of the club and didn't know the people involved, what would I think of this post?". If you think it could be taken as being offensive, please do not post it, and reconsider your wording/joke/picture/link.

1. Please do not swear. While we are a club with only adult members, it is not necessary and will offend people.

2. Please keep conversation civil. There is no need for threatening or rude behaviour. It gives the wrong impression about the club and its membership. This includes aggressive trolling. It maybe that it is just a bit of fun between friends, but it can look very different from the outside. Please save it for the club.

3. Please try to stay remotely on topic. Discussions can diverge and this is fine, but posting something completely random in a thread, totally out of the blue and unrelated, is not ok.

4. Do not link to copyrighted material, such as ripped copies of rulebooks or torrent links. We don't need to be getting take down notices from companies.


If the above is breached a warning will be given. for repeat offences a temporary ban may be issued. In exceptional circumstances a discussion will be had amongst the committee as to a suitable punishment. So far in 5 years I have never seen an issue to demand the committee's attention like this, lets try to keep it this way.
(16-09-2013, 04:21 PM)Regnix Wrote: 2 x Teraphs = 1 Ravagore?

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