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Charge of the Trolls!
Hey guys,

After a (longer than planned) break I found myself picking up some new Trollblood models and the addiction has returned. So I've decided to do something a bit different to my previous beast-heavy Doomy force and build a more well-rounded Troll force over the next few months.

In terms of models I have the following:

- ALL the heavy warbeasts
- Most of the lights
- 3 Runeshapers
- 10 Fennblades and UA
- 10 Scattergunners and UA (not all painted yet)
- Krielstone
- Pretty much all the solos

I plan to buy:

- A full unit of Kriel Warriors and attached dudes.
- Burrowers
- Long Riders and Horthol
- A Night Troll and Warders when they come out.
- A Mountain King!

In terms of list building I'm putting Ol' Man Doomshaper on the shelf for a bit, where he will presumably yell at the Whelps to get off his lawn. Instead I'm going to pick up the Tough Bastard that is Borka.

A couple of lists I'm playing around with:

Borka's Brawlers (50):

Borka Kegslayer - Drinks. Smashes things.
* Mauler - Punches. Throws. Wins.
* Earthborn - Assassin. Wrecks heavies.

Min Krielstone Unit - Makes everyone harder.
Full Fennblades + UA - Tarpit of Doom. Kills infantry.
Min Scattergunners + UA - Runs behind the Fenns. Blasts things.
Scout Unit - Protects a flank. Clears rough terrain.

Janissa Stonetide - Pisses off my opponent. Looks pretty.
Fell Caller - Yells at people to get up.
Stone Scribe Chronicler - Makes the tarpit even stickier.
Trollkin Champion Hero - Axes questions. Stops infantry from running away.

The Borka Beast Brick (50)

Borka Kegslayer
* Dire Troll Mauler

* Earthborn Dire Troll - His animus is essential to the brick.
* Mulg the Ancient - The brickiest brick there is.

Min Krielstone Unit
Full Fennblades + UA

Janissa Stonetide - Her wall combined with the Earthborn completes the brick.
Fell Caller
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Trollkin Champion Hero

This is more what I'm used to. I would like to maybe switch Mulg out for Rok, but I'm not sure Rok is actually that great in this list - I already have a lot of anti-infantry. Still, it is fluffy to have Borka and Rok together so I'll probably give it a whirl.

I'd welcome any input to both things worth buying and to the lists. Cheers.
Welcome back Cal! Looking forward to seeing your new version of the troll brick.

I don't really have any clue what works with Borka but the stuff in those lists looks scary so, yanno. Yeah, that'll probably work ... Big Grin
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I think you've got the main bits you need with borka ask present and correct. I'd personally run him with infantry over beast heavy (pmadrak does a better beast brick in my opinion) but he's good either way. Borka actually runs champs pretty well, but that's probably irrelevant outside of family reunion, he also loves speed do fennblades and long riders are great!
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The Hatchetboy Wrote:I think you've got the main bits you need with borka ask present and correct. I'd personally run him with infantry over beast heavy (pmadrak does a better beast brick in my opinion) but he's good either way. Borka actually runs champs pretty well, but that's probably irrelevant outside of family reunion, he also loves speed do fennblades and long riders are great!

Also go read the tactical 'parting the red sea' on the trolls part of the pp forums. It works spectacularly well with borka and fenns...
May respond to "Mark".
Thanks for the welcome back and the feedback guys. Big Grin

Good to know I'm on the right track. I figure I'll use the infantry list as a base and swap units in and out as a I go. Champs may get a look in at some point but I'm waiting for plastic/better models or maybe convert some out of the new Warders. Will definitely check out the Red Sea tactica.
Hey Cal good to hear from you again im a bit rusty with Trolls as I havent played them at all this year however the last caster I was using was Borka and I had loads of fun with him very hard for your opponenet to assasinate. I like your lists mostly the 2nd one as I have never been able to get Scattergunners to work for me even with the UA unless you are thinking some sort of moshpit knock down shennanigins which could be interesting. Il show you the last list I used with him.

Borka Kegslayer - WB: +5
- Pyg Keg Carrier
- Dire Troll Mauler - PC: 9
- Mulg the Ancient - PC: 12

Fell Caller - PC: 3
Horthol, Long Rider Hero - PC: 5

Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes : 3
Sons of Bragg - Wrathar, Tor & Rhudd: 6
Trollkin Fennblades - Leader & 9 grunts: 8
- Fennblade Officer and Drummer - Officer & Drummer 2
Long Riders - Leader & 2 Grunts: 7

The reason for the choices are this

Mauler and Mulg both have easy access to Power attacks on the feat turn with the Mauler having smash and Grab and Mulg having crit Smite. Now with Mulg being buffed by the Mauler and hitting a Collosal with a crit Smite even though it doenst move it still takes the dmg now if you boost that dmg the collosal is taking P+S 22 4D6 of dmg thats alot. Im also finding the Mauler animus more use than the Earthborne and Collosals tend to have highr Str than they do Pow weapons so the mauler is making his money more than the Earthbornes adaption ability against them.

Fell Caller is there to making everything better and Horthol because Long Riders without Horthol is just wrong id rather take min Longriders with him than max longriders.

With the Infantry I brick up with them to take advantage of Moshpit using the reach of the Fenn Blades. The Sons of Bragg and the Longriders are there as Borka has no way of boosting the dmg of his troops he just makes them hard to kill and both these options are already excellent melee hitters especially the sons who cut through units like a knife through butter. And lastly the Stone is there to just ad that last layer of unkillyness to the army and Borka.
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Thanks Bill, that's a cool-looking list. I'll likely be stealing some/all of that in the future. Wink

Hadn't considered that Mulg's crit smite would benefit from the feat. With 7 attacks the odds are there's going to be a crit or two, making him even more deadly!
So, had my first game in a long time on Tuesday against Ben's Legion. We did a straightforward 35 point game.

He brought something like:
And the usual Forsaken, Shephard solos.

I took a trimmed down version of my infantry list, which looked like this:

Borka Kegslayer
* Dire Troll Mauler
* Earthborn Dire Troll
Min Krielstone unit
Max Fennblades and UA
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Janissa Stonetide

It... did not go brilliantly for me. Looking back on it, my mistake was mostly that I was playing with my old eDoomy mindset of keeping a nice brick out front of my caster, when instead Borka should have been up in the frontlines, smashing faces. I ran my Fennblades up front with the Krielstone unit behind and then Borka and the beasts. This meant that my Fenns got picked apart rather easily and then Ben just had to keep peeling through the layers of Trolls to get at the crucnhy Borka centre. My poor planning along with getting hamstrung by Lylyth's feat meant I never got to go on the offense, and eventually all of my Trolls were gone save for Borka and all I'd managed to kill off was the Raptors. In fairness, Borka did rather well, drunkenly surviving a ridiculous amount of abuse before finally falling over. I won't be afraid to put him in the firing line again.

Then again, I didn't really expect to win first time out of the gate and it was a fun game. I learned a lot of good lessons about how to run infantry, which plays very differently to the beast-heavy armies I'm used to. I also need to be much more aggressive and get those Trollkin grunts stuck into the thick of it. I'll probably try Red Sea deployment or a similar method next game to make sure I don't get in my own way and have room to manoeuvre.
What's Red Sea deployment?
Here you are Robert! http://privateerpressforums.com/showthre...he-Red-Sea

Facinating stuff, I'm sure you'll agree!!
Apologies for any poor spelling/grammar. My keyboard is broken so typing is difficult at the moment
I think when you're managing an army filled with medium-based infantry, you need all the advanced planning you can get! Smile
Cal Wrote:I think when you're managing an army filled with medium-based infantry, you need all the advanced planning you can get! Smile

Definitely! I only ever play khador medium-based infantry with eIrusk...
Normally they just make my head hurt too much, but Martial Discipline lets them all walk through each other!
Yeah they need to release the Kithkar hero already. Then I'll field nothing but Fennblades and Champions with their solos and they'll all be able to run about wherever they like. Big Grin
Incidentally, my game last week against Ben showed up the importance of knowing the ins and outs of power attacks when running Borka. Today I found these handy rules summary sheets, the second one has a great run down of how to do Power Attacks, much simpler than reading through the many paragraphs in the rulebook!
So, had a fun, if humbling game against Tom last night. He's done a full report on his blog, so I'll just put up a summary.

I took the Borka Infantry list above, Tom brought the following:

* Woldwrath
* Woldwatcher
Celestial Fulcrum
Blackclad Wayfarer
2x Gallows Groves
Wolf Lord Morraig
Druids of Orboros
* Overseer
Shifting Stones
* Stone Keeper

- The scenario was Process of Elimination. I chose to go 2nd so I could have the side with the water and forest to benefit the Earthborn and Scouts. In retrospect this was unnecessary and it would have been better to cover ground by going first.
- Tom's stuff moved forward. My stuff moved forward. Scouts tried to cover the flank against Morraig.

[Image: image_zps9aef2324.jpg]

- Tom feats, throwing all of my stuff back into my deployment zone. Morraig took the bait, but killed more Scouts than I'd hoped. Fennblades got shot up as did Janissa. I have failed to make my first 9 Tough checks. Borka frowns and drinks some more beer.

[Image: odg2gXT.jpg]

- Everything's slowed and nothing can charge. To make matters worse my Mauler's been pushed out of Borka's control range (so used to have eDoomy's near infinite range!). My infantry limps forward and those in range manage to kill some of his infantry.

- Tom kills some more stuff, most of my infantry is wiped out. He takes one of the zones for 3 CP. He also knocks the Mauler out of control range again. Borka almost spills his drink at this.

- I need to contest the zones, so Borka goes to beat up the Woldwrath. He damages it to almost half I believe. Sadly the Earthborn was out of range for it's charge, so all it and my solos could do was pile into the zone to try and hold control of it.

[Image: 7L05q7G.jpg]

- Tom goes for the other zone and scores, winning the game. For teh lulz we decide to see if he can kill Borka. This involves trying to punch Borka enough times that he stumbles drunkenly out of combat with the Woldwrath. This works, but Druid magics are still not enough to silence the drunken lout.


The good:

- This was the first time I'd played the full 50pt Borka list, and I was more or less happy with it. Even if it didn't go according to plan, I can see things working in different circumstances.
- Scouts did their job more or less successfully in keeping my flank safe from the light cav.
- Borka never dies. Which is hilarious.

The bad:
- Although better than last week, I'm still having my guys get in each other's way. More practice required.
- Should have got up the table much quicker. If this army doesn't get stuck in it's not doing much.
- Mauler getting kept out of ctrl range was extremely painful. I think the beasts need to be kept closer to Borka.

Changes to make:
- I was happier with my deployment, but I'll be tweaking it so that there's more of a beast and solo core around Borka, rather than spreading out in such a wide line.
- Looking at the Earthborn and wondering if Mulg with reach would be better. Needs more testing.
- Similarly looking at the Krielstone and wondering if the points would be better put into buying even more bodies. Borka hasn't got much Fury to put into it, so the aura feels quite small and feeble. Needs more testing.
Two fully and very well painted armies. You are both winners!
Cheers for the game Cal, it's always a pleasure Smile

I mentioned in my thread, but I think I'd probably drop the Scouts to max out the Krielstone and add in the two new solos (Kithkar and Sorcerer), although those would have to be proxies for now I guess.
The main reason I think this is that the Scouts are sort of undermining the brickiness of the list. You really want people to be forced to engage the stupid Fennblade brick, and having guys off on the flank kinda undermines that...

I'd also be looking at dropping the Mauler for a pair of utility lights... I'm a massive fan of Pyre Trolls and Axers... Guess you need to find more points for that though...
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Sounds like it was a good game. I'm not sure that Borka is the greatest match up for eKreuger, though to be fair, I'm not sure that Trolls *have* a great matchup for eKreuger - he's one of those casters would I fear. Perhaps Tom would like to give his insight on this? Calandra or Grim1 maybe? Smile

One trick I have heard of is placing Janissa's wall behind the unit/models you don't want pushed out of the zone on the feat turn. I assume that is because you can't be pushed across a linear obstacle. I'm not entirely sure on the rules on this one though...
May respond to "Mark".
Apart from Calandra who is a good matchup vs anyone I think Trolls best counter to eKruger is Jarl just because of the speed he can get upto and the shenanigans of his feat turn. However like Mark said he is a hard matchup for Trolls.
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I dunno - Calandra is hugely frustrating to play against, has a great control range (so no TK out of control for Tom) and makes it very difficult to kill stuff *normally*, however, with Moraig and crew and the chain lightening/lightening etc stuff that's in Tom's list, I'm not sure that she's going to get away with her normal shenanigans. Jarl has legs (speed is king and all) and with Fenns and Longriders flying up the board ith might *just* be enough, but he's a: still pretty squshy, b: still having to deal with *that feat* and c: Magic Bullet isn't the *ehem* magic bullet answer it usually is in this match up (sorry - couldn't resist). It's a pretty horrible game to be playing.

Bloody Krueger, bloody Tom. Smile


What do people think of this? It might work? Moderately useful against Cygnat too...

Trollblood - Anti eKrueger

54 / 54 (50+4) Warlock(s) : 1/1 Warbeast(s) : 4 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 4 Units : 3

Hunters Grim - WB: +4
- Hunters Grim (Muggs & Krump)
- Troll Impaler - PC: 5
- Dire Troll Bomber - PC: 10
- Dire Troll Bomber - PC: 10
- Storm Troll - PC: 5

Fennblade Kithkar - PC: 2
Fell Caller Hero - PC: 3
Stone Scribe Chronicler - PC: 2
Trollkin Sorcerer - PC: 1

Trollkin Fennblades - Leader & 9 grunts: 8
- Fennblade Officer and Drummer - Officer & Drummer 2
Pyg Burrowers - Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
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