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Hey guys,

Following the discussion just below this one, and talking to people in person, the committee has decided that the best thing we can do for the future of the Cross Gaming Club is to move to the Horse & Stables.

We're doing this for a number of reasons, but primarily we don't want the club to continue to decline as it has been for the past few months with the inconsistent availability at the Ship - we believe that having a regular, reliable night at a (frankly, bigger and better) venue more than outweighs the concerns that everyone quite rightly has about the minimum spend.
While we will have to ensure we're spending, the numbers probably aren't quite as hard and fast as we originally believed, and we should be fine as long as we're regularly spending at or near the numbers they're looking for.

We also believe that dialing back to one night a week will bring the club closer together, and mean more friendships (and friendly rivalries), more games, and more fun for everyone.

So, with all that said, we will be starting at the Horse and Stables on Wednesday 26th July.

The Horse and Stables is right next to Lambeth North station, and about 10 minutes walk from Waterloo and 15 minutes walk from Elephant and Castle:

Looking forward to seeing you all there on Wednesday 26th!
Seems reasonable, it's a shame for the people Wednesday isn't good for but does seem to be the best option.

Do you need an extra set of hands to move stuff from old venue to new?
Well of course it's best to do what's right for the club. I'm rather sad though. I hope I can get down for a game but it's very unlikely for a year at least, as that's when the youngest starts school. Wish all you the best of luck in your new venue chaps. Big hugs x
Thanks Luke, and sorry about the day clash Sad
Hope to see you as and when though, don't be a stranger!

I think the committee probably has moving covered between us, but I'm sure we'll throw out a call if we need extra hands Smile
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Yeah, I mirror Luke on the "need to reorganise life" before I can make wednesdays work. Completely understand where the decision is coming from though and it makes sense in the wider scheme of things. I'll probably come down occasionally and try and get things sorted in September!

Good luck guys! Organise some weekend tournaments! Wink
May respond to "Mark".

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