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Real life names help everyone
Hi guys, it's time for the several-yearly reminder that while it's neat to have an online persona, almost everyone in the club eventually meets up in real life, and almost noone in real life uses their forum/online name instead of the name everyone calls them...

Luckily, the forum has a way of dealing with both!
If you click the menu at the very top of the screen, then UCP, then Edit Profile, you can put in a custom User Title, which helps everyone if it is something they can identify you with in real life.

This makes life simpler for the committee and for everyone trying to remember who on earth Headtaker4X4 is in the challenge threads.

Tom & the Committee.
Ozymandias Wrote:Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair
People call me TheLegend27 irl tbh.
i have a boring forum name
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(15-02-2012, 05:49 PM)Martin G Wrote: My auto correct changes "Gaspy" into polish word "gwałt". In polish gwałt means Rape. Shock.
I'm blantently copying Tom.
May respond to "Mark".
I like how it's the people who already do this commenting
(26-07-2017, 01:00 PM)Destrin Wrote: I like how it's the people who already do this commenting

But is that your real name?
Will the real Phil/Destrin please stand up?
May respond to "Mark".
Yes, let's Be Like Tom.
In my case... my name is Quique, which is the shortest spanish way to call all the Enriques around the world. Like Wil/William, Mike/Michael, etc. I use to introduce myself as Quique in friendly enviroments... (because is my name). Just my mother use to call me Enrique (and thats when she is pistoff). At least with friends and this kind of events. In tournaments they signed me as enrique because usually the payment is done by credit card and is the official name... but i would prefer Quique.

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